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Within three months of deciding to become a professional writer, Loolwa Khazzoom was published in The Washington Post. Since then, she has gone on to publish in periodicals including Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, and The Boston Globe, and her writing has been read by tens of millions of readers throughout the world -- from the United States to Australia, Canada to South Africa, England to Indonesia.

Through personal coaching, Khazzoom now offers step-by-step instruction not only on how to get published, but how to get published in the most highly-regarded periodicals in the world. Among other lessons, you will learn how to target magazines, how to develop relationships with editors, and how to tailor even the most radical ideas to mainstream press.

Khazzoom also has published two books and now offers writers guidance on book writing and publishing -- including how to craft pitches and manuscripts, how to speak with agents and editors, how to organize and present successful book tours, and how to get books into classrooms throughout the world.

A single, one-hour session will provide you with enough information to take off on your own, and additional sessions are available for ongoing guidance and support.

Fee: $101 USD/hour (sliding scale available upon request)