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Stay tuned for these articles scheduled for publication!

I Killed a Serial Rapist!
Melissa O'Connel refused to be another statistic

She Tried to Kill Me for My Fetus!
Sarah Brady fought for her life -- and that of her unborn baby
(Cosmopolitan UK)

These Twins Do *Everything* Together!
Ashlee and Andrea gave birth to their own twins on the same day

Prolong Your Life
The 411 on exercising your maximum potential

Battle Against the Brothels
Immigration from the former Soviet Union brought with it the sex trafficking slave trade
(Jerusalem Post)

Gangbanger Gone Good
How one young woman put the violence behind her
(Marie Claire UK)

Women on Waves
How a Dutch doctor turned a boat into a floating abortion clinic
(Marie Claire UK)

Biker Chick Braves the Streets
Dea Franka takes the bike messenger business by storm (ELLEGirl)

On the Move Again
Ethiopian Jews make a new home in New York
(New York Newsday cover story)

Mind, Body, and Mountain
What it takes to reach the top

In Israel, Yoga is a Necessity, Not a Luxury
Asanas bring serenity to battle-weary population
(Yoga International)

Journey Back to Your Senses
Claremont Spa's cutting-edge massage nourishes body and soul
(Healing Lifestyles & Retreats)

Israel's Fashionistas Hit Big Time
The top three designers who have scored abroad
(Jerusalem Post)

Waiting to Inhale
Tel Aviv embarks upon a smoke-free trend
(Jerusalem Post)

Swimming Upstream
Mizrahi women rabbis take to the pulpit

Beautiful Basel
Cosmopolitan sensibility with a neighborhood feel

Black Is Beautiful
Esti Mamo opens doors to Ethiopian models in Israel
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Jews and Arabs Gather for Reconciliation
As the world focuses on tensions in Gaza, the Sulha promotes understanding and friendship between "enemies"
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Jewish Entrepreneur Leads a Drugstore Revolution
Stuart Skorman, Elephant Pharmacy CEO, tells how Jewish values shaped his vision
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


The Flying Camel
Seal Press, 2003

Seventeen first-person stories bridge divisions between Arab and Jew, East and West, and navigate through tensions between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

more about the anthology

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Pearl In A Million Press, 2001

True story pushes the boundaries of response to street harassment, offering a breathtaking ride over the edges of female socialization.

more about Consequence